That´s how it works:

  • Special additives to attract dyes
  • Dyes attracted and absorbed during water based coloring process or water based inkjet printing
  • Polymer structure activated for dye penetration
  • Dyes mechanically captured into the polymer structure
  • Uniform coloring is achieved by excellent compatibility of the components
  • High UV/abrasion/solvent/acid resistance due to encapsulation
  • Applicable for PE, PP, PET, A-PET, PET-G and more

That´s what you get:

  • A technology for the reversible and repeatable coloring and decoloring of plastics
  • Optimized plastic recycling rates by decoloring plastics into transparent and white valuable rPlastics
  • The efficient production of colored plastic parts especially at flexible lot sizes (increased efficiency of molding/extrusion process)
  • Decoloring and recycling of dark colors into bright colors possible
  • InPrinting into plastics to avoid additional contaminants
  • Individualisation of unprintable plastics through subsequent InPrinting
  • Heat-sensitive additives or additives that tend to agglomerate in the extrusion process are gently introduced into the plastic by a targeted migration process and distributed finely and homogeneously.